Unity and Democracy


“Siamese crocodiles”

symbol of unity and democracy

The Siamese crocodiles share one stomach, yet they fight over food. This symbol is a reminder that infighting and tribalism [racism] is harmful to all who engage in it.

Adinkra, West African

Harriet Tubman

“I was the conductor of the Underground Railroad for eight years, and I can say what most conductors can’t say; I never ran my train off the track and I never lost a passenger.”

Harriet Tubman

In 2013, President Barack Obama used his executive authority to create the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Monument, consisting of federal lands on Maryland’s Eastern Shore at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge.

Between First and Second

“In the end, it’s extra effort that separates a winner from second place. But winning takes a lot more too. It starts with complete command of the fundamentals. Then it takes desire, determination, discipline, and self-sacrifice. And finally, it takes a great deal of love, fairness and respect for your fellow man.

Jessie Owens

Toni Morrison

“The presence of evil was something to be first recognized, then dealt with, survived, outwitted, triumphed over.

Toni Morrison

Born: Chloe Ardelia Wofford, February 18, 1931 Lorain, Ohio, U.S.

Died: August 5, 2019 (aged 88) New York City, U.S.

Occupation: novelist, essayist, children’s writer, professor

Alma mater: Howard University (BA), Cornell University: (MA) American literature

Notable works:


Song of Solomon

Tar Baby

The Bluest Eye

Notable awards

Presidential Medal of Freedom

National Humanities Medal

Nobel Prize in Literature

Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

Tony Morrison (1931-2019), whose novels such as Song of Solomon, Jazz, and Beloved were critically acclaimed, died August 5th.  Having been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1993, Morrison’s name is permanently inscribed on the Nobel Monument in Theodore Roosevelt Park, which honors all American Laureates.