The Criminalization of Black Girls in the Classroom by Alexia Underwood

My Mellow 5/1/16: Great article. This issue critically affects our community. My daughter, while a HS student, was arrested. Under most circumstances, the incident would have been ignored but the system allowed three girls to be arrested, to spend the night in jail and be suspended from school for two weeks. Without the appropriate supports, for a lot of girls, that incident could have been the beginning of a terrible down spiral.

Limiting education and, subsequently, criminalization of Black people is an important part of the Plan of Oppression (PoP). America has moved from on-the-books separate but equal laws to over-policing and over-incarceration that disenfranchises the Black community. Over-policing and over-incarceration replace intimidation and murder and the PoP continues to demonstrate under it Black Lives Don’t Matter. Just as limiting education and incarceration robs black men of decent jobs and the ability to support families and can lead to criminal careers, it also limits choices for women and creates situations that foster sexual abuse and leads to careers in the sex trade especially since young, black women are highly desirable.

Black is the Color of My Life from Fried Chicken & Philosophy 

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