Now That The Lights Are Out

Now that the lights are out
warm and dark
the kids long gone
so is she
I’d rather sleep in the middle
between fetal
and spread eagle
not on my side
a back would be turned
there’s been enough of that.

Covered cold shoulders
pretended to be asleep
needed to work late
microwaved affection
pretended dinner.

Now that it’s all gone
I can hold closed eyes
hollar like church singing
find peace in what’s left.

I promise not to cut my feet.

Westworld or Wild West

My comment to the NYT 4/23/18: I like(d) Westworld but I was very disturbed by the season 2 premiere. Lining up hosts and shooting them as they begged for mercy was painful to watch. As painful as watching seemingly innocent people being shot randomly by hosts. The episode reminded me of an old Arnold Schwarzenegger movie where the bad guy body count was off the charts. I don’t entertain myself by watching high body count movies. I am concerned about the moral implications of such viewing. I am also concerned about glorifying snipers, people who shoot other people from concealed positions. Is this the world we want? It is certainly not the plot line I am interested in in Westworld. If it continues, Westworld may be dropped from my very selective TV viewing list.