Serengeti Tea & Spices

I’m a coffee guy and an occasional tea drinker so even though it was about 6pm I would have opted for a cup of coffee. I am glad I didn’t. Serengeti Tea and Spices is incredible. Such a great vibe from top to bottom. Even the play list was super cool. The staff was friendly and helpful and I was lucky enough to meet the owner and chat with him for a moment. He’s a very nice guy living in Harlem running a family business. You can’t beat that. I picked up some of the ginger turmeric rooibos tea but need to go back there to get tips on how to best prepare it. Hmm, maybe that’s just and excuse to go again. Really, you don’t need an excuse Just go. You’ll be glad you did!

vet on bench

Vietnam Reblues

Dereliction of duty on my lover’s lips Cheap wine, marijuana and old sex Saying softly commitment Loudly NATIONTIME Smells like pampers and bad plumbing.

Vietnam was brown with a Buddha face Laugh quick ‘cause you’re dead already black.

Peace symbols and afro picks among glassine glaze and apple wine.

War was well war until a bullet in the back then it became one less lung Sweet Jesus precious air.

How’d they know I lived there F**king letter What the f**k is a draft board Motherf**kers Lottery my ass They sure did All the way to Vietnam That doesn’t sound bitter Does it.

What agents are you smoking Some known others unknown Reagents on both sides Lies and camouflage should sleep together since they piss with the same penis.

Johnny got his gun What did I get Except a dose and a case Needles all around Drink up.

Oh say can you see Sweet Land of Liberty for thee I sing.