Blades Of Grass

I should have been more grass
high maintenance
watered from your loins
with tears

I should have stood in the front
rather than run with the pack

I should have drunk the sun
put down roots
but I was soylent green
a little red
lots of foolish black

I may have
missed the mark
I write this for those
hit or miss
that shot
they tried

you may never say
apology accepted
it's being a cutter

I may never apologize
after all
I was lawn.



Should I coolly cascade up the stairs
and meet him.

Should I throw down our faces
and our wits
or should I not.

Should I buy the beer
and frost a heart
as one would a glass.

Should I sift the sawdust
for the diamonds that lay there.

Should my elbow be more
mahogany than bone.

Should she behind the bar
know my eyes and my limit.

Should I pass
to the rest room
flush the handled john
even though it wasn’t used.

Should I eat
with napkin folded in my lap

Should I palm the spoon.

Should I slip the peas into my sleeve.

I am afraid to smile
as I might be a crocodilian thing
and my laugh
a howl at the moon.

Will I shake his hand.
I think that I could not.

How could I be so bronze
when all my blood is hot wax
my ankles so well turned.

How might I enjoin a man
that sings a melody
I once hummed.

How should I tie my shoes
be clean as a new ass.
Oh, should I or
should I not.

How could I meet him
and not
hold her hand to long.

New Weight Old Slippers

You said shall we dance
as a priest would say
shall we pray
Your champagned breath
upon my cheek
was not caress
Particularly appalling
was your spit upon my neck
rubbed in with your thumb
Shall we dance
I laugh to keep my form
for a patron like you
Scripted conversation
calculated charm
Intended to disarm
just dinner between
high art and low scribbles
Why this
Why that
Why now
Was not a grand jeté enough
to cement the company
to my position
You were below respectable
I beyond naïve
I needed ruby shoes
Your bouquet small
and in poor taste

But here we are
Here we are
I will dance tomorrow
despite new weight
and my old slippers