Now That The Lights Are Out

Now that the lights are out
warm and dark
the kids long gone
so is she
I’d rather sleep in the middle
between fetal
and spread eagle
not on my side
a back would be turned
there’s been enough of that.

Covered cold shoulders
pretended to be asleep
needed to work late
microwaved affection
pretended dinner.

Now that it’s all gone
I can hold closed eyes
hollar like church singing
find peace in what’s left.

I promise not to cut my feet.

The Other Side Of The Street

I saw the long jaw
pierced ear
caught a glimpse of breast
it wasn’t her
just someone
the other side of the street

The walk was there
even strappy heals
and striped tights
but air refused to perfume
feet didn’t fall
angles were decided
so shadows could not breathe

The other side of the street
realized it wasn’t mine
No manna only meal

People tilting traffic
on wrong furies
never noticed my injury
salve not spared
wounds as deep as streets
asphalt over.