Westworld or Wild West

My comment to the NYT 4/23/18: I like(d) Westworld but I was very disturbed by the season 2 premiere. Lining up hosts and shooting them as they begged for mercy was painful to watch. As painful as watching seemingly innocent people being shot randomly by hosts. The episode reminded me of an old Arnold Schwarzenegger movie where the bad guy body count was off the charts. I don’t entertain myself by watching high body count movies. I am concerned about the moral implications of such viewing. I am also concerned about glorifying snipers, people who shoot other people from concealed positions. Is this the world we want? It is certainly not the plot line I am interested in in Westworld. If it continues, Westworld may be dropped from my very selective TV viewing list.

The Other Side Of The Street

I saw the long jaw
pierced ear
caught a glimpse of breast
it wasn’t her
just someone
the other side of the street

The walk was there
even strappy heals
and striped tights
but air refused to perfume
feet didn’t fall
angles were decided
so shadows could not breathe

The other side of the street
realized it wasn’t mine
No manna only meal

People tilting traffic
on wrong furies
never noticed my injury
salve not spared
wounds as deep as streets
asphalt over.