“Change requires more than righteous anger. It requires a program, and it requires organizing.” – Barack Obama

Dad, tell me again what it was like. Did you do everything Mom asked you to do? Alright. It’s like being in the car with the windows rolled up with lots of folks sitting around you but there’s no one there but you. Your moving forward watching the end of the road, we call it a runway, come towards you. There are lots of buttons, toggles, switches and gauges for you to flip, push, pull, turn and check. Most important is your speed and rpm, that’s how fast you are going and how hard the engine is working. When you are ready you pull back and in a moment it’s like being in a swing except your just keep going forward. You watch the trees get smaller. There’s always trees to climb over. As the nose points over them, you breathe out like your breath is never going to end and relax. You’re airborne. You’re flying now!

There nothing but sky and clouds until your friends join you. When everyone is in the air you fly together, like a team. We call it a formation. Your flight leader tells you what direction you’re going. Daddy, is that when you say your prayers. Yes, son. That’s when I remember what’s right with the world. I pray that I am going to make it better. I remember to thank God for you and your sister and Babe Ruth! Aw Dad, that was the name of your plane. Yes, son, most folks thought I liked baseball. [laughing] Family calls your mom Babe Ruth. She’s named after grandma’s big sister, Ruth. Aunt Ruth’s best friend was Bessie Coleman. She was a flyer too.

Your mom was always with me when I flew.  I was sure my prayers would be answered and I would be home soon. Daddy, did you do that every time. Yes, son, every time. So now it’s your turn. Say your prayers so I can turn off the lights. Daddy, can I dream about flying? Sure, you can. Dream about being in nothing but the clouds and doing the right thing for everyone. And don’t forget that AMEN!

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