“I have stopped accepting the things I cannot change. I will change the things I cannot accept.” – Angela Davis


Barack Obama has reached the end of his term in office and I can’t change that. The past 8 years have be a glorious ride with a great American and I am pleased he shared it and his family with us.

You should feel this way too, but you may not because of your “politics”. What we call politics often gets in the way of better judgement just as emotions sometimes affect our ability to make clear, level-headed decisions.

We don’t think “what’s best for the country” when we begin arguments. We think “What’s best for me” even though that’s not what we are saying. Life goes on. Consider what type of life will go on for you and ultimately all of us.

The word “Fake” and “News” shouldn’t be used in the same sentence. We shouldn’t need an army of fact checkers to watch a debate or the nightly news. We shouldn’t have to argue about whether we are watching a news program or some new sort of Reality TV. But that’s what America has come to.

We continue to deny people the ability to earn a living and take care of their families because of the color of their skin, gender, personal preferences or the protests they make. We don’t deny there are injustices but we deny their right to livelihood because of how they said it. We have sold our selves to ratings over reason.

You decide whether the next four years will be Dark or Light. You should decide before it’s too late and begin to work toward the change you want to see. I sent my name to Obama.org and, when they come up for air, I hope they start a chapter in New York. If and when they do, I’m there!

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