If you are Black, like me, or a person of color (you call you what you want), before you see the latest Brad Pitt movie, see Harriet. I’m an “Ole Joe” and I like movies. I’ve seen scores and scores of them. I’ve never been more moved than I was when I watched Harriet. I could give you a movie critic version of why I thought the movie was great. I could even point out the most poignant scenes. I could tell you why I thought the supporting cast was wonderful. I’m not going to do that. Honestly and earnestly, I implore you to see Harriet.

Maybe later I’ll jump on the bandwagon that will develop demanding Cynthia Erivo be considered for an Academy Award. I’ll jump on it again when she doesn’t win or, more impossibly, when she isn’t even nominated. I’ll scream foul and racism like everyone else. In the meantime, I’ll follow all the articles about why there isn’t more advertising and better distribution. I’ll grumble about the lack of press, but, right now, simply, go see the Harriet and to use that beat up expression, you’ll be glad you did. – Chuck Vasser

ps: It’s a fantastic movie whatever your race, nationality, ethnic persuasion, who you momma was, your daddy wasn’t or your sexual orientation. After all, Janelle Monae is in it and should be considered for Best Supporting Actress.

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