Who We Are

The New York City Board of Officials for Men’s and Women’s Sports-Basketball Division is herein referred to as New York City Girls Basketball Officials Affiliation (NYCGBOA).


To provide qualified and rated officials for various educational and recreational agencies in the area.

  1. By training new officials.
  2.  By providing current rated officials with the opportunity to update and improve their knowledge and techniques of officiating.
  3. By administering the theoretical and practical testing procedures.
  4. By adhering to the New York City’s Girl’s Basketball Officials Affiliations Inc., Constitution and Bylaws.

To interpret the rules and officiating techniques:

  1. By providing the opportunity during the preseason for current rated officials to discuss the rules and any problems concerning the sport of basketball.
  2. By conducting preseason rules interpretation clinics, in all boroughs, open to various organizations, coaches associations, and prospective officials.
  3. To provide a means of handling problems concerning interpretations during the season.
  4. To encourage competitive events being conducted with the fullest consideration given to the nature and spirit of the rules.
  5. To participate in the review and revision of rules by suggestions of the names of persons to serve on National Committees and/or to initiate suggestions and recommendations through the N.Y.S.G.B.O.A. Inc.

PSAL Cornell Hampton – Varsity
Email: jahch59@gmail.com (718) 363-7075 (Referee Business)

PSAL Chris Kelly – Varsity/Junior Varsity
Email: Chriskelly317@gmail.com (917) 817-0391

CHSAA, GISALFred Sporrer – Varsity/ Junior Varsity- Brooklyn/Queens
Email: FJAssigning@aol.com (718) 317-8883

CHSAA – Rose Zerbo – Varsity/Junior Varsity-Bronx

Private SchoolsAlan Wharton-Varsity/Junior
Email: AlanWharton1790@yahoo.com (516) 481-0364