“But I’d rather be a free man in my grave, than living as a puppet or a slave.”

Jimmy Cliff

The problem is they have no problem letting us be free as long as remain if place. Their notion of us was, is and continues to be one of second class citizenship. I don’t think we realize how hard the life of a sharecropper was. They never got ahead. They never owned the land. They were never treated fairly. You don’t think so, but today’s man continues to be a sharecropper. Do you honestly feel, as a black person in America, you are treated fairly? You’re not, in most situations and instances, and it’s proven and demonstrated over and over and over again. If we can be murdered, on camera, and still not get justice, what are we? Who are we? The real inhumanity in this is they are prepared to use every weapon in their arsenal to keep us down. The definition of privilege is, “I have the (God Given) right to be better than you and I going to use it every chance I get.” It’s time to change the narrative.

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