In a world full of
little people I admit
I am miniscule.

No more than a breath
the extension of my hand
leaves hearts asunder

“shaking off the blood” in the Japanese martial art of iaidō

Brushes painted life
until I watched you walk
I did not know art

Magic Hour
Men turn into things
and courageously perform
fair and foul or hide

Eyes pools of honey
molasses on warm fingers
unwrapping her wings

Jelly Jar
Love is a firefly
living in a jelly jar
lighting a live wire

Time has yet to heal
the deep mahogany wounds
of America

Fragrance tells the truth
petals collaborating
coal into freedom

Garden tomatoes
sprinkled with abused coffee
are less sweet than you

A silver spoon stirs
espresso memories of
our yesteryear love

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