Should I coolly cascade up the stairs
and meet him.

Should I throw down our faces
and our wits
or should I not.

Should I buy the beer
and frost a heart
as one would a glass.

Should I sift the sawdust
for the diamonds that lay there.

Should my elbow be more
mahogany than bone.

Should she behind the bar
know my eyes and my limit
or should I pass
to the rest room
and flush the handled john
even though it wasn’t used.

Should I eat
with the napkin folded in my lap
or should I palm the spoon.

Should I slip the peas into a sleeve.

I am afraid to smile
as I might be a crocodile
and a laugh
a howl at the moon.

Will I shake his hand.
I think that I could not.

How could I be so bronze
when all my blood is hot wax
and my ankles so well turned.

How might I enjoin a man
that spins a melody
I once hummed.

How should I tie my shoes
and be clean as a new ass.

Oh should I or
should I not.

How could I meet him
and not
hold her hand to long.

 – CZVasser

#38 pdf

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