The land blows away
one handful at a time.
It heaps against windows
and forgotten places.

The rain ran through her hair
filled her mouth
slipped from her fingers
Now comes the dust bowl years
The swirls catch me up
drop me nowhere
near the rainbow.

Mirrors held face to face
How endless is the land
her yield diminishing
How forward and reverse
a curse of knowledge

The rain was today
Rivulets from her shoulders
down her arms
and off her fingertips.
I lay under them
drops of potent potion
will fill me as a well

Waterfalls vaporize
create forest and frenzy
cool and calm
pool and purpose

A perfectly cornered thing
blows across the land
hides queens
and covers kings
with dust.
It points beyond the wind
to a heart that holds lost love.

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