In that half world
of waking and sleeping
warm and deep I was
you came to me
slow across the room
I could feel you
lay on my back
close to my ear
I know you want me
. . . wait

In my ear
you low groan moan
I know you want me
as you writhe
your hips grinding down
your fingers at my shoulder
you bite
then lick the mark away
you suck
your tongue tracing a pattern
you whisper
I know you want me
. . . wait

You slide down
snake your legs between mine
and up again
and down again
you smooth over me
and I notice
how you burn
I smell you
I lick my lips
your body says
I know you want me
. . . wait

Your fingers massage
my coiled shoulders
your nails create
an occasional counterpoint
your nipples harden
as your breasts
propel them along my back
I moan
I marvel
you know I want you
. . . wait

You straddle me softly
and rest your wrists
upon my shoulders
you knead my spine
you glide your palms
across your breasts and wish
they were my hands
you lean forward
close to my ear
and whisper
I know you want me
. . . now.