We don’t want zeppelins.
no matter how badnificent.
We want unfettered dreams
so we can soar
air need not apply.

We want uplifting flight
without anyone thinking
we are no more than wax.

We bled in willy-nilly wars
to prove we are airmen.
What we want now is acres
where lambs don’t eat lions
because they can
afford to
have been taught
have learned
father to son
father to son
father to son
that is the way
the world can be.

We won’t be barbequed
on the lawn
or flamingoed anymore.
Nor will we hold your horse.
We will sit astride
a beast of cosmic portent
and consider heaven
or hell
and holes black enough
to contend with our stature.

We don’t want constructs
of men removed from apes.

We want the languish
of lakes and rivers
ponds and streams
seas and oceans.
We want to flow together
without one current greater
for more than a moment
before changing place.

Yes, that’s what we want.

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