“Let’s be clear. What we have here is failure, simple unabashed failure.” CZV


The inability to harden
to strangle gently
the most offensive hydra
breathe fire on chimeras
lay waste to dragons
comb medusa hair
plant poppies and crosses

We have here genuflection
to a lesser god
gut covered grenades
sacrifice for the greater good

We went high
they went low
Now I can’t feel my legs
will I walk again

When yorick gibes
will there be a joyful noise
a rightful place
or fragments of a nose
in the desert sand

We sit under a horse’s hair
listening to jesters
Kente clad griots get less
than double-breasted historians

The boulder rolled away
from the entrance
down the mountain
is it not right
cheating hangmen

Let us begin again.

dis·am·big·u·ate – VERB – remove uncertainty of meaning from (an ambiguous sentence, phrase, or other historical circumstance).

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