Fuel for someone’s fire
reacting to sparks
Woodies going up in flames
warm breath on my crotch
Burning crosses
lawn dreams
as often as not.

Do you dream of me
a leathered clown
you prefer a beggar
who bleats for food
a buffoon
in the midst of baboonery.

Skyscraping a living
sparrows falconing justice
tearing talented tenths to shreds.

Left in the atlantic
by the millions
minnows pretending shark
eyes bigger than their teeth.

Justice more cruel than freedom
not available to 3/5ers
railroaded past stations
filled with burlapped cotton.

I sing to mulattos
seminal relations of a nation
Dark and dusky
raised fists
on one knee
prayers shouted outside church
are unacceptable protest
There is a disclaimer
with the American dream.

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