rosa-parks-wc-1600x500I’ve sat in the backseat and watched the driver miss the correct exit. It wasn’t my place to say anything. So, I thought. That thinking changed after being hopelessly lost several times. There is a difference in “being along for the ride” and “the reasons for the ride”.

Consider American politics. We are all Backseat Drivers. Ok, some of us don’t drive and some of us don’t want to drive. They will do anything to keep some of us from behind the wheel. Driving is akin to having a seat at the table. Driving is supposed to be an unalienable right.

Presidents, politicians, national and local, are drivers. All the rest of us are on public transportation. Some of it more commodious than others. But are the drivers making the stops we want or somehow do they feel they control our destinations. Every day, we pay a fare with the expectation we’ll be transported.

Too often the bus stops to far from the curb and we step into puddles sock-wetting deep. So now we have a new driver. It appears we’ll be asked to move to the back of the bus. It doesn’t matter now if the last driver was more careful, considerate or courteous.

We are not along for the ride. WE ARE THE REASON FOR THE RIDE. Don’t confuse their agenda with our destinations. Pop Up demonstrations mean you missed your exit. You saw it coming. You didn’t say or do anything. You missed it.

Start driving. Ask to drive. Demand they follow your directions or give you the wheel. Your freedom, health care, environment, children’s education, ability to support and protect your family, your promised way of life is in jeopardy.


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