Dear Humanity,

Black Men Rise. We continue to rise. Through trials, tribulations, though hampered, hung and unjustly jailed, We Rise.

We honor Barack Obama and we feel his pain. We know his pain. We hear the arguments about the Obama Legacy and recognize the refusal to admit he should be in the pantheon of Great American Presidents as we, Black men, are often refused human rights.

Black men suffer indignities every day. People love the way we play. Lord knows, folks love how we act, sing and dance. Everyone applauds our spear chucking. We are more than that. We have and will always be men, husbands, fathers, friends, lovers, and lightning in and out of the bottle.

All Americans are entitled to the rights and privileges this country promises. Black men cannot continue to be stepping stones to the American dream and pushed, face down, into Georgia red clay, Mississippi mud, Texas dust, New Jersey marsh and killed by cops and other Black men on streets across America.

You do not have to denigrate, incarcerate or murder black men to feel better about what you want and who you are. As a country, we have become more factional not less. Every group demanding, and often getting greater inclusion, ignoring it was the lynching and murder of Black men that instigated civil rights.

Black Men Rise

We, as a people will get there. We as a group, Black men, will get there through hard work, dedication and recognition. BLACK MEN RISE!

Warm regards,
Charles Vasser
Black Man

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