Black Men Rise Revisited

Like the sun and the tide
Black Men Rise

Like the thing in you throat
the thoughts in your head
Black Men Rise

Though lies get us
lynched and castrated
denigrated and incarcerated
Black Men Rise

Though we take a knee
we do not bow
but raise Olympian fists
Black Men Rise

Though daily
taken off the count
through loss of liberty
and life
though we bleed
and die
as often as others
so we can all be free
we wait for a plate
and a seat
while others now get to sit
and eat

pressure on the wound
is no more than a finger in the leak
The damn will break
the land will flood
crops will be lost
and cows will drown

not still
but still
water runs deep

Black Men Rise

Dear Humanity; Black Men Rise


Handstands & Other Feats by C. Z. Vasser

Current Obsessions

Never that
to be obsessed
to love more than bearable
to live on the air inside a bubble
no never that

beyond skin pops
a warm groin sensation
spreads to your fingertips
never a monkey boy

in a nightstand
a one night stand
stand on one leg
to perform handstands

Current obsessions tend toward
shimmery purple dusk
when creatures come
in their palms coins
offered as sacrifice

Sometimes there is
a sad man
waiting for a trollop
to be a lollipop
with a big pink bubble of gum

Applause Wanting To Be Heard

I really don’t know me and that’s what I will never forget or forgive. – CZV

I can’t tell you how many kingdoms or nations there were or are in Africa nor can I tell you how great or small my tribe’s place in the world was. I can’t tell you whether my people were from this valley or that and whether they invented something that changed the course of human events forever. I can’t tell you what they were before they were exterminated or became extinct or whether they were or are the foundation for all that is human today. I am not sure it matters. I am sure this truly black hole aches sometimes. It’s a void looking for a sound to fill it. It’s applause wanting to be heard. Hear it. Hear me.

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