N3 – Nation of Neo Neros

I will always be what I think I am – CZV

TRIBE – a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect

Nation of New Niggas
Not cool with that

Nation of Neo Negroes
Not cool with that

Nation of Neo Neros
Not cool with that

Nation of Neo Nazis
You’re cool with that

You’re not cool

Emperor Nero Jones
New nom de plume

(CHANT RISING) N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 (YELL, SCREAM, HOLLER) N3 N3 N3 N3 N3 N3

Get it.
Got it.

Only tattoo I’ll ever own

I am going to be what I want to be
I’m gon be wha I wan be

How do you trans that
sand or surf
threat or lullaby

melodies aren’t played on drums
so you say
Savoy hunchback swung
and a nation danced
Ride or Die Rhythms
Hear it
Feel it
Born with the blues boy
Hum that tune
Hum dat tune
Hum dat

Make love to it
because it’s going to bear babies
make you pregnant
birth a new nation of

Take your pick
they’ll get to the moon
before Alice
the cows
or chickens roost.


I have, at this late age, settled on what I am: AAmerican. Spelled with a Double A but pronounced American. Some might see AA as a target and others as a mark of excellence. I exist somewhere in between. Though our numbers are fewer than theirs, I am not a minority. I refuse the negative connotation and stereotype. I am an American with afforded rights and privileges. I am a member of a group: AAmerican. Human nature categorizes. I’m ok with that. I refuse, however, to be beaten down because of some vague notion I might be a threat to someone’s woman and, eventually, way of life.

So I have quit checking the box. I have stopped wondering who I am. I have stopped explaining I am ideologically Black, not African-American, Negro, Colored . . .
I have ascended from Africans brought here as slaves to build to America. I am an integral part of the United States.

But why identify at all. Because too many out there still see me as a rusty, wayward nail. I must remind myself to keep safe, to keep my children safe, and friends, relatives and loved ones that there are discriminating hammers that will pound the life from us if given the chance.

flag b-w2