Current Obsessions

Never that
to be obsessed
to love more than bearable
to live on the air inside a bubble
no never that

beyond skin pops
a warm groin sensation
spreads to your fingertips
never a monkey boy

in a nightstand
a one night stand
stand on one leg
to perform handstands

Current obsessions tend toward
shimmery purple dusk
when creatures come
in their palms coins
offered as sacrifice

Sometimes there is
a sad man
waiting for a trollop
to be a lollipop
with a big pink bubble of gum

The Black Guy’s Poem

-Because we have pain too and want to talk about it-

We tack in and out of love
and we’re left
on beaches
by bitches
wearing our britches.

Trousers handed over
in the name of love
our strength stolen
while our pants were down.

We thought because our names
were in their mouths
their strength was ours
it wasn’t and would not be.

Though there are black holes
in the universe
we would claim
It is not a [Black] Man’s World.

We are the kilroy
caretakers in the pharaoh’s tomb
embalmed and linen wrapped
no jewels to be stolen
there is a reason to fetter angels.

They may fly to close to god
and steal.