What You Meant

smell the air around me
Put your lips upon my neck
Breathe faster
when I walk into the room
Let your eyes follow me
Replay the sun
sneaking past the shades
to shine on my body
We are just friends.

consider your hands
encircling my waist
Your fingertips
tracing my inner thigh
The shape of my buttocks
That sigh was just a sigh
Time will go by
Walk into the dessert
After all, we should be friends.

You’ve so much to do
Why consider
you hurt me or I you
All’s fair in insecurity
compromise too dear
It’s good we end as friends.

Is that what you meant?

Now That The Lights Are Out

Now that the lights are out
warm and dark
the kids long gone
so is she
I’d rather sleep in the middle
between fetal
and spread eagle
not on my side
a back would be turned
there’s been enough of that.

Covered cold shoulders
pretended to be asleep
needed to work late
microwaved affection
pretended dinner.

Now that it’s all gone
I can hold closed eyes
hollar like church singing
find peace in what’s left.

I promise not to cut my feet.

Current Obsessions

Never that
to be obsessed
to love more than bearable
to live on the air inside a bubble
no never that

beyond skin pops
a warm groin sensation
spreads to your fingertips
never a monkey boy

in a nightstand
a one night stand
stand on one leg
to perform handstands

Current obsessions tend toward
shimmery purple dusk
when creatures come
in their palms coins
offered as sacrifice

Sometimes there is
a sad man
waiting for a trollop
to be a lollipop
with a big pink bubble of gum