Eros be my armor
as theirs is Mars
Explain in 1000 years
what I cannot tonight.

My sword is bronze for her
So too, 10000 men
when Phoebus flies
we all die
in someone else’s arms.

She waits for me
To slaughter myself
With smiles and kisses
I put the point
to her navel
One quick thrust
might sever state
one would go from sleep to wake.

But they ask too much
Led by legions
the Nubians and elephants
The circus, not now
Her scent is on my fingertips
My seed attempts to grow.

Brown, bejeweled enchantment
More wondrous than black sand
I have lost my way
and the day for her.

Shall I draw an honorable bath
Leave her to her wiles
She has guile
skin, thighs and eyes
Deeper than the night.

So men die
for my black love
our blood floods the Nile.

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