Cool as smooth
as sunrise is to sunset.

The space next to her
while she sleeps
is sunrise cool
but when she moans
and when she moves
she is sunset jazz
that blazes red and hot yellow
mixed with blackening
that awakens howls you feel
with instincts beneath primitive.

Give unto caesar what is caesar’s
but dat gal’s gotta get some.
Got MO people stoppin
den da dew drop inn.
But she oughta ask somebody
cause she don’t know
how fine she is.

Smooth to cool
loving you just ought to be.

Say nothing now
I am afraid to lie
between duets.
An ibo cameo
Night just before the stars

Give unto god what is god’s
but lawd let me have her for a while
she’ll come when you call
I cain’t stop her den
I cain’t stop her now
she got to be somebody
got to find something.

Cool to smooth too

Jane jazz is
Palm Sunday preachin’
and Easter clothes
and a spirit on high
that moves you to say
thank you jesus
thank you Jesus
thank you JESUS
head down
hand waving

Jane Jazz is
smokey at three
when ladies are two pair.
she moves you to say
thank you JESUS
head down
hand waving
fist full of money
a razor
a pint of southern comfort

Cool as a razor slide
that cuts to the bone
leaving a smooth scar.

Mom say stay way from dat
your boys say hit dat
Dad say marry dat
Everyone say don’t mess wid dat.

Jane Jazz is temptation
between heaven and earth
lost and won souls
saying thank you JESUS
cause Jane Jazz is
Cool and smooth

Jane Jazz walks with her soul akimbo
her hair in a flair
that only she understands.

You know you want it
cause I want it.

Her melody is madness
cooler than a high note
smoother than a low note
because cool is smooth.

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