“An attack on any one of us is an attack against us all. The slaughter of black people must be stopped by any means necessary.” BPP


I put my bible in plastic wrap
planted it under the tomatoes
gave up being

I promised to
give up more
black isn’t enough.

Not slithered anymore
by anyone or anything
You don’t wound a snake . . .

I’ve faded
the flag
3 to 5.

No funding Xs
breaking rocks
break dancing.

Gave up being

Left the definers
powerless with a canyon
knievel couldn’t stunt.

Consider internment from
plantations to projects
roll away from reparations
rather than one parsec

Soul train line it
throw away the du rag.
Feel natural man
afro like.

Engender cosmic questions
of love, circumstance
and missing ribs.
We could free more
if we do.

I may be sick and tired
of sick and tired
but I won’t be
what you think I am.

All right Spike, I’m ready for my close up.

– CZVasser







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